While I have all new features and awesomeness of the new version of vRealize Network Insight; 4.1, covered in my official VMware blog post (still can’t believe I get to post there 😀 ), I thought I’d also cover what’s new in the API. As it’s quite a lot!

With Network Insight 4.1, the API version was updated to 1.1.1.

New Data Source Types

All the new data sources in 4.1 have also been made available in the API and all missing data sources from the 4.0 have also been added. This means you can add and otherwise manipulate F5 load balancers, Cisco ACI, Huawei, VMware PKS, Kubernetes, VMC and ServiceNow data sources.

Here’s the list of new API calls:

User Management

Network Insight 4.1 now has support for VMware Identity Manager (VIDM) as an authentication source. VIDM has enterprise-grade authentication and authorization functionality, like Multi-Factor and location-based authentication. Integrating VIDM with Network Insight means to configure it as an authentication source and then adding groups or individual users with a MEMBER or ADMIN role so that they can get access to Network Insight. The entire workflow can be managed using the API.

Here’s the list of new API calls:


Apart from a heavy focus on data sources and VIDM, there’s also some other new API calls. You can retrieve an audit log of all changes inside Network Insight. You can also retrieve all members from an application.


I’m pretty happy with the progress of the API. Most other essential tasks in Network Insight have API calls available and it’s only getting better! I should also mention that PowervRNI is getting these new API calls really soon. 🙂

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