VCIX-NV Objective 1.3 – Configure and Manage Transport Zones

This post is part of my VMware VCIX-NV Study Guide and covers the explanation and management of Transport Zones within NSX.




What is the Transport Zone?
The Transport Zone is the heart of the VXLAN network. It is the network where the Logical Switches (previously known as portgroups) send their data traffic. It is the network where the ESXi nodes create tunnels between themselves for … Read more

VCIX-NV Objective 1.2 – Upgrade VMware NSX Components

This post is part of my VMware VCIX-NV Study Guide and covers the upgrade process from vCloud Networking and Security to the NSX Suite.





Upgrade vShield Manager 5.5 to NSX Manager 6.x


  • vCenter 5.5+
  • vShield Data
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VCIX-NV Objective 1.1 – Deploy VMware NSX Components

This post is part of my VMware VCIX-NV Study Guide. Topics are taken from the blueprint and reordered a bit to make the installation flow make sense.





Deploy the NSX Manager virtual appliance


  • Working vSphere 5.5 environment (vCenter appliance, ESXi, Management
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VMworld Europe 2014 Recap

VMworld Europe is the event of the year for me. A week of meeting up with all kinds of IT professionals from around the world. I believe there were around 9,000 people from 90+ different countries. Apart from all the interesting people, it is geek heaven for anyone interested in virtualisation.

Being a techhead first, I always go head first into the technical sessions. This year, I attended around 18 break out sessions mostly about VMware NSX and automation subjects. Being a hybrid engineer (network & virtualisation), I thoroughly am enjoying what is happening in the networking space around virtualisation. … Read more

VMware NSX Best Practices from VMworld

There were a lot of technical sessions on VMworld about VMware NSX. 30 sessions were about or touched on NSX and interest (the queue for the waiting list) were enormous, a lot of people wanting to know more.

As a network guy, my VMworld was mostly about NSX as well. I joined 7 sessions to get more acquainted and learn about best practices in designing virtual network environments. This post will summarise these best practices. As soon as the VMworld presentations will come online, I will update this post with the actual network diagrams.


Cluster Design (types)
VMware NSX … Read more

VMware NSX on a FlexPod (with dynamic routing)

Cisco has made it clear that there will be no validated design for a FlexPod with VMware NSX running as the virtual network and there will be no trifecta vendor support for the entire platform. This does not mean you’re completely barred from using it though. To be able to make use of the best of both worlds, I’ve been working to create a design that uses FlexPod as the rock solid foundation and offer the networking flexibility that VMware NSX offers. The goal is to not change the FlexPod design so that it will still be certified for support.… Read more

VMware NSX: Configuring Load Balancing

VMware NSX integrates networking into the virtual world. It also brings networking services to the in a distributed and much simpler fashion. One of those network services is load balancing. Using NSX, you can create virtual IP addresses which routes incoming network traffic to multiple real servers.

It works just like your regular hardware load balancer (F5, A10 Networks, etc), but in a distributed way and grouped by real servers on your computing hardware.

Making these network services virtual, means being able to deploy it very rapidly and easy. So easy, you can create a web load balancing cluster in … Read more

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