Following up on my post The Future of Virtual Networking from VMworld – Part 1 (read that before starting this one), I’m going to continue rambling on about some of the awesome future networking ideas floating around during VMworld.

Disclaimer: this post is also based on public roadmap information divulged by VMware and can be subject to change. Also, some of this is my interpretation of the features.

Distributed Load Balancing

With traditional load balancing, network traffic goes through an appliance (physical or virtual) … Read more

VMworld2015LogoDuring VMworld Europe 2015, VMware announced a new program under their vCloud naming, called vCloud NFV (Network Function Virtualization).

What is vCloud NFV?

vCloud NFV is essentially a bundle with the best of VMware targeted to telecom/service providers (or any NFV company) to kickstart them towards operational readiness. vCloud NFV delivers the following products in the bundle:

  • vSphere.
  • VSAN.
  • NSX.
  • vRealize Operations.
  • vRealize Log Insight.
  • Site Recovery Manager.
  • vCloud Director.
  • VMware Integrated Openstack.

Architecture of vCloud NFV

vCloud NFV is aligned to the European … Read more

VMworld Europe is the event of the year for me. A week of meeting up with all kinds of IT professionals from around the world. I believe there were around 9,000 people from 90+ different countries. Apart from all the interesting people, it is geek heaven for anyone interested in virtualisation.

Being a techhead first, I always go head first into the technical sessions. This year, I attended around 18 break out sessions mostly about VMware NSX and automation subjects. Being a hybrid engineer (network & virtualisation), I thoroughly am enjoying what is happening in the networking space around virtualisation. … Read more

There were a lot of technical sessions on VMworld about VMware NSX. 30 sessions were about or touched on NSX and interest (the queue for the waiting list) were enormous, a lot of people wanting to know more.

As a network guy, my VMworld was mostly about NSX as well. I joined 7 sessions to get more acquainted and learn about best practices in designing virtual network environments. This post will summarise these best practices. As soon as the VMworld presentations will come online, I will update this post with the actual network diagrams.


Cluster Design (types)
VMware NSX … Read more

vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps) has been given a new name: vRealize Operations Managers (vROps) and VMware has completely reworked the old vCOps. It has a 8X greater scalability and offers unified management across vSphere and non-vSphere (Hyper-V, AWS, Bare Metal) platforms.

vROps now comes in a single virtual appliance, instead of the known virtual appliance with the “Analytics” and “UI” VMs inside it. No more two different management panes as well. The changes so far are pretty impressive for a 5.8 to 6.0 release. Here they are:

  • New Scale-Out Architecture – Data and UI are shared so no separate “Analytics”
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This one has gone a little under the radar, but VMware has updated its Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to version 5.8 and bringing a few remarkable updates by doing so:

  • SRM has been fully integrated into the vSphere Web Client (used to be fat-client only).
  • Scalability limits have been increased dramatically:
    • Maximum of protected VMs is now 5,000.
    • Maximum of concurrent recovery tasks is now 2,000.
  • You can now map entire subnets to the IP customisation plans, instead of individual IP addresses.
  • There is now an VMware Orchestrator Plugin for SRM to automate SRM actions through Orchestrator.
  • SRM can now
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