When searching for scripts that relate to VMware (PowerCLI, Perl VILib, etc), you usually end up on a blog or a forum post somewhere, probably pointing towards GitHub for an example script. VMware themselves didn't have a proper place for example scripts, like most vendors have in their developer centers. But an announcement on the VMware Community Podcast said that they are finally coming around to it and release a beta of the new VMware Samples Exchange.

The VMware Samples Exchange (SVE) is basically a gathering place for sample scripts for every day tasks you would need when working with a VMware environment. It's possible for the community itself to upload their favorite scripts and put them in categories, so they are easy to find. Uploading scripts is limited to vExperts only during the beta period, but everything is available to look at for everyone else and uploading will open up once the beta period is over.

The best part of the SVE is that it is fully integrated with GitHub, making it possible to keep herding your scripts on GitHub and using the SVE as an organiser. You can group your samples into categories such as Automation Tools, End-User Computing, Platform & Compute (categories are likely to be added once it grows), put tags on the sample for easy searches and create a description for public viewing.

The community vibe is pretty big on the SVE, as the community will provide content, but also important feedback. Per sample, people can favorite it, so it gains popularity and also start a discussion on the sample by leaving comments.

Not a big scripter yourself? That's more then okay, just use the vast amount of samples to make your life easier.

In need of a script that's nowhere to be found? Put a Sample Request on the SVE and ask for the community to create that script. Requests can be used to explain what you're looking for in detail and explain why it would be beneficiary for the community to get it. Then wait for the right person to come around and say 'hey, I can do that!'

Overall, I think the SVE can be awesome if it's managed properly when it comes to content (as it's easy to get lost in the sheer amount of scripts that are out there), but I have a good feeling about this project and I think it's going to be the first place you'll look for a VMware related script pretty soon. Check it out!


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