Lostdomain.org was registered in 2003 as a "fun" name to host my email. After a while of working in the (web/server) hosting industry, I decided to use it as an archive for cool stuff, troubleshooting solutions, platform reviews, configuration examples, basically anything I came across during my day job that I wanted to save for future reference and the world to see.

I started working with datacenter technologies (networking, servers, storage) in 2006 and server virtualization in 2008. Immediately falling in love with VMware, I have been working with it ever since. Next to virtualization, I have a networking, servers, storage and programming background.

My current focus is on network virtualisation and the new types of innovation around security and automation that brings.

Due to my broad interests and inability to "sit still", I also have several projects going on. One of those is my biggest pride and life's work. You can read more about WhatPulse here.

I'm currently working with VMware as a Technical Marketing Architect in the Cloud Management BU, focusing on vRealize Network Insight.

They sometimes let me go out into the daylight. Here's proof.

Throughout my years in datacenters, I've also acquired some certifications:

specialist_med ccna_datacenter_med ccna_routerswitching_med ccnp_datacenter_med
LandorPrint LandorPrint vmware_vcap-dca vmware_vcap-dcd
vmware_vcp-dcv vmware_vcp-nv vmware_vca-wm vmware_vca-dcv
vmware_vca-cloud juniper_jncia-junos vmware_vtsp