PowerShell is about making things easy and consumable. Same goes for PowervRNI, making repetitive tasks in vRealize Network Insight easier and make it possible to extract information from vRNI.

It's not that easy to load a custom module into PowerShell though, you have to download 1 or 2 files, then load it into your PowerShell session by referencing those local files. The PowerShell Gallery is a pretty awesome way to also make module management very easy. All you have to do is use the Install-Module command and it downloads and installs the module for you.

For the module authors, it's also pretty easy to put their modules onto PowerShell Gallery. As I found out this weekend by putting PowervRNI on there.

Install-Module PowervRNI

So, all you have to do to install PowervRNI, using the Install-Module command and the module will be downloaded from the PowerShell Gallery and installed. Then right away, you can load up the module by using Import-Module and you're good to go.

Here's an example:

Install PowervRNI

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