Cisco OTV Lab with Multicast example

Cisco OTV (or Overlay Transport Virtualisation) is a technology inside Cisco Nexus switches (7K) for extending VLANs across a routed network. You can read all about OTV here and here. This post consists of an example configuration for a lab where you have a single Nexus 7K and you want to get OTV over multicast running between VDCs and comes from my CCIE study notes for when I was practicing with OTV. I've heard some people have issues with getting the multicast configuration working, so I figured I would share mine here.

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Taking the CCIE Datacenter Lab Exam

As I'm writing this post, I am still high on the drug that is called a passing grade. After 10 months of studying the blueprint and putting in hundreds of hours reading through the configuration guides, building topologies (just to tear them down and start over when you're done), one failed attempt in May, dreaming about all things Cisco UCS, Nexus (physical and virtual) and MDS..I can finally say that I got my CCIE on Datacenter: number 44460 (an easy one to remember too!).

Stating the obvious is usually not my thing, but this time I'll make an exception: Preparation Read more

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