VMware Certification Changes

When vSphere 6.0 was announced with all its shiny awesome features yesterday, which took the (well deserved) spotlight. There was another announcement that deserves some kind of a spotlight; a new certification system.

VMware has replaced the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) with the VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX), which was already in place for Network Virtualization (NSX for vSphere). Like the VCAP certification, VCIX will have an exam focussed on administration and an exam focussed on design. Having a VCIX will be a requirement for getting to VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX).

Here's an overview of the new system:… Read more

VMware VCP Required Recertification

Up until now the VCP program of VMware has been a "VCP for life" type of deal. You do the exam and get the VCP sticker without having to follow up, unlike other certification programs like the Cisco certifications.

VMware has just announced a change to their certification program which requires current VCP holders to recertify every two years. After the continuing improvements to the VMware certification program, like splitting up the technologies into general, cloud and mobile tracks, you now have to prove yourself worthy of the VCP title every two years.

This new policy gives you three options … Read more

VCAP4-DCA & VCP5 Experiences

A lot of people are saying the VCAP4-DCA and VCP5 are hard to pass. After taking the VCAP4-DCA late October and the VCP5 late December, I was wondering why there are so many warnings; passing didn't seem too hard. Maybe it's the practical vs. theoretical clubs, but if you administer an enterprise or service provider VMware environment using several basic techniques like HA, DRS, network or fiber-channel storage, both are really doable.

Either way, to pass these exams, you definitely need to have handson experience. If a test environment is not an option, explore on the environment you do have … Read more

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