Syncing Flows between vRealize Network Insight Collectors

There are a few reasons you’d want to have multiple Network Insight instances collecting data from the same data sources. Maybe one is a staging instance, and the other is a production instance. Perhaps you’re rebuilding Network Insight on another instance (and can’t move the existing one), but do want to have them running parallel for some time. I could go on.

One of the challenges is being able to collect network flows in both instances, as vSphere can only send flows to a single collector IP. You could solve this with a NetFlow duplicator, but now there’s another … Read more

VCIX-NV Objective 7.2 – Manage and Report on an NSX Environment using the NSX Command Line Interface

This post is part of my VMware VCIX-NV Study Guide and details the possibilities to use the command line interface on all sections of NSX.



Read more

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