Do you have a VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure that's using NSX-T to statically route network traffic between the NSX-T Edges and the physical network? If so, you can be faced with this error when attempting to upgrade VCF via the SDDC Manager:

2022-04-19T18:28:58.205+0000 ERROR [vcf_migration,0000000000000000,0000] [c.v.e.s.o.model.error.ErrorFactory,pool-5-thread-12] [43TCDO] TIER_0_ROUTE_DISTRO_UPDATE_POST_VALIDATE_FAILED Post-validate of tier-0 T0
route distribution types update failed com.vmware.evo.sddc.orchestrator.exceptions.OrchTaskException: Post-validate of tier-0 T0 route distribution types update failed

This is a quick post with the solution to that error. It seems like VCF is mostly designed for dynamic routing via BGP (which makes total sense), with which routing redistribution is necessary to get the proper routes onto the physical network. When using static routing, the route redistribution policies don't have any effect and don't get created for the same reason. To get a successful upgrade, all you have to do is create a dummy routing redistribution policy.

NSX-T -> Networking -> Tier-0 Gateways -> Edit T0 -> Route Re-distribution -> Add Route Re-distribution

Set a name, and add the types of Route Re-distribution in the popup. You can select only a few, I just selected everything to be thorough. This policy won't do anything when you have static routing in place.

After saving the policy, your VCF upgrade should continue successfully.

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