Azure DevOps – Post-job Installing Apple Certificate failing

For backwards compatibility purposes, I like to keep my continuous integration and deployment workers on the lowest version available. For macOS, this was 10.15 up until recently when Microsoft (rightfully) retired it and made macOS 11 the lowest version available.

Here's the reason for this post: there's a change in the exit code behavior of the security command, making any pipeline with multiple certificates fail.

It took me a while to figure out why and there wasn't an existing post documenting this error. So, here we go. 😉

App & Installer Certificates

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Using Azure DevOps Pipelines with Qt

This post goes into building an Azure DevOps Pipeline, which builds an Qt application. I recently moved to Azure, and found this combination not documented very well. I stepped in a lot of pitfalls and want to spare you the same.

First, some backstory; I've created this application, called WhatPulse (personal computer & productivity stats), which is built in C++ and the Qt framework. I've been using GitLab to host the code, and have been using their CI/CD pipelines to do automated compiling and testing of WhatPulse. The workers (the machines that execute the pipeline) were VMs, running locally … Read more

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