vCloud Director: Removing Network from a vApp without shutting it down

Caution: this is not supported by VMware. This is ‘this is possible’ post, not a standard procedure. Take care if you go forward.

Within vCloud Director, you can dynamically add networks to vApps and virtual machines, just as within vSphere. Moving the network of a virtual machine from networkA to networkB within vCloud Director is also a non-disruptive operation, as it should be. But for some reason, the removal of a network from a vApp, requires the entire vApp to be shut down. Ever since I’ve started working with vCloud Director, I’ve been asking VMware why that is (as it’s … Read more

VMware VXLAN Host Preparation: Add virtual NIC: Unknown error

During the implemention of a private cloud solution using vSphere and vCloud Director, there was the need to reinstall the ESXi hosts with a custom ISO. At that point the vSphere platform was already deployed, vShield Manager and vCloud Director were running and integrated with each other, and the VXLAN preparations (transport VLAN added, vmknics were deployed and active and the segment networks config) we're already done. VXLAN Network deployment was working and the vShield Manager and vCloud Director were happy with the vSphere environment.


After the ESXi host reinstall, it got its Host Profile back and was added … Read more

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