Removing VMware Data Security after vShield to NSX upgrade

An existing vShield environment can be upgraded to a full NSX environment, as described in my VCIX post “Upgrade VMware NSX Components”. All vShield components can be upgraded, except for one; vShield Data Security.

The documentation states: NSX Data Security does not support a direct upgrade. You must uninstall the current Data Security software before upgrading to NSX Manager. After NSX Manager is upgraded, you can install NSX Data Security version 6.0. If you upgraded to NSX Manager without uninstalling Data Security, you must do so using a REST call.

A few days ago, someone came to me with … Read more

VCIX-NV Objective 7.1 – Administer and Execute calls using the NSX vSphere API

This post is part of my VMware VCIX-NV Study Guide and goes into the possibilities and some specifics of the NSX API.




The NSX Platform management is an open door. Through the NSX API you can deploy and configure all the different components. The API is used by third party vendors to deliver … Read more

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