It's been a while since I posted about the vRealize Network Insight Cookbook. Honestly, the pandemic and other events over the last two years drained my creativity, especially in writing. The goal was to update it with new features every six months, and add more of the big ticket items (like SD-WAN, Network Assurance and Verification) continously. More than a year and a half later, I can say that that plan failed. 🙁 

However! My writing creativity seems to be getting back to some resemblance of what it was and I've started updating the digital cookbook. 🙂

Cookbook Updates

Minor updates, but still updates! Starting now, the cookbook is based off vRealize Network Insight 6.4. Here's a quick overview of the textual changes:

  • Updated sizing numbers for deployment design,
  • New architecture design to indicate new services running on the appliances,
  • New description of a new search operator called percentile(),
  • Reference to the Search Exchange.

I've also defined more topics to write about and I'm hoping to keep up a steady pace of updates. Stay tuned. 🙂

Pricing Update

Another update I did was to lower the minimum price on Leanpub to $9.99, to make it accessible for more people. All royalty proceeds of the book still go to charity, so you can still use the original suggested price (or more!).

Leanpub pricing update

The paperback on Amazon is still $29.99, basically to discourage purchasing physical copies as they tax the environment.

Cookbook is now Open Source

Yes, you read that correctly - I've open sourced the vRealize Network Insight Cookbook. This has a few reasons:

  • Make it even more accessible, 
  • Make it easier to sollicit new content; you can now submit GitHub issues to request new content,
  • Make it easier to collaborate with others. It's easier to accept contributions to the content using the git workflows,
  • Leanpub had me using GitHub already, so it was easy to switch from a private repository to a public one. 😉

You can find the GitHub repository here. Feel free to poke around, submit issues, or download it locally to read it with a markdown previewer. Just to reiterate; the royalty proceeds of book sales go to charity in full, so if you can afford it - I would encourage you to get a copy on Leanpub. It'll be easier to read and use than the markdown version. 🙂

Share the wealth!