If you use UCS Manager, this has probably happened to you once or twice. Something happened on your UCS environment and you need to get KVM access to a few blades to get things working again. Then you discover one of your colleagues has left his desktop or terminal server session running with a KVM sessions open to the blades you need and you get a “Send sharing request?” dialog. Send all the sharing requests you want, that colleague is enjoying his weekend and won’t respond to them.

The way you can get around this is to reset the KVM server of the blades. Navigate to the physical server (not the service profile): Equipment -> Chassis -> Chassis X -> Servers -> Server Y, right click it and select “Recover Server”. You can then select “Reset KVM Server”:


After resetting the KVM server, the idle session is disconnected and you can start your own KVM session to repair that blade.

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