This one has gone a little under the radar, but VMware has updated its Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to version 5.8 and bringing a few remarkable updates by doing so:

  • SRM has been fully integrated into the vSphere Web Client (used to be fat-client only).
  • Scalability limits have been increased dramatically:
    • Maximum of protected VMs is now 5,000.
    • Maximum of concurrent recovery tasks is now 2,000.
  • You can now map entire subnets to the IP customisation plans, instead of individual IP addresses.
  • There is now an VMware Orchestrator Plugin for SRM to automate SRM actions through Orchestrator.
  • SRM can now be set up using an integrated vPostgres database for quicker deployments.
  • SRM now supports VSAN and the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA).

By slowly integrating all products, VMware is starting to unify their products more and more. Besides from the integration into the new way of vCenter manager, the vSphere Web Client, this update brings Site Recovery Manager another step forward. You can read the entire release notes here.

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