A few years ago, I created the first version of the Cisco UCS Inventory Script (UIS), a PowerShell script to read all the configuration and environment data from a UCS Manager. It can help you to get an easy overview of UCS installations after completing the initial build, or on an ongoing basis. To answer basic questions like “How many port licenses do we have left?” or “Did we create VLAN X?” – when you have no easy connectivity to the management console.

Next to reporting configuration and environment data, it also provides some basic recommendations about the configuration.

The UIS has just gotten a big update and it has been moved to GitHub! (so pull requests are welcome ;-)).

Multiple UCS Managers

The main addition is the support of multiple UCS Managers through a CSV file. This means you can create a CSV file with (pretty much) an unlimited number of UCS Managers which will be mined for data and reports generated. This is a good way to inventory multiple UCS domains from a single location, like from a remote operation center.

For more information on the Cisco UCS Inventory Script and for the download, check out the GitHub page.


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